"Counsel You Can Count On"

See The Ads

CHALLENGE: Create powerful and persuasive campaign targeted primarily at companies potentially involved in substantial litigation matters. Produce sufficient anxiety about not securing the best representation.

SOLUTION: Incorporate no-nonsense imagery taken from real life and the justice system to amplify the point of what could happen to them through call-to-action headlines, bold design and assuring copy points.

"Putting The Perfect Beach Within Reach"

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CHALLENGE: Selling island vacation packages primarily to a female clientele increasingly turned off by the typical pictures of beautiful models on beaches that saturate the media.

SOLUTION: Originate atmospheric and highly romantic approach featuring darkened silhouettes, sunsets, and slightly blurred effects that allows women to put themselves into the picture.

"American Operators. Overseas Pricing"

See the ads #1
See the ads #2
See the PR

CHALLENGE: Inform companies employing (or contemplating using) foreign operators for 800 number calls that inexpensive domestic operators are the preferred consumer choice.

SOLUTION: Create amusing advertising and PR contest pointing to the problem of outsourcing. Resulted in media interviews for company spokesperson (over 30 top-rated radio shows).

"Relationships Are Our Strongest Foundation"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Addressing and overcoming the frustration home purchasers have with companies that do building and renovation.

SOLUTION: Utilize images of famous building projects to drive message of caring and experience in the target area through web site enhancement, outdoor signage, and sales materials.

"Where Couples Become Even Closer"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Increase qualified inquiries for this service, a noninvasive and completely safe procedure that rewards clients with highly detailed fetal sonogram portraits.

SOLUTION: Shift emphasis away from the technical. Focus marketing towards pregnant women. Show how sonogram helps strengthen personal bonds while deepening feelings of commitment.

"Some People Shouldn't Visit Us"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Overcoming the distribution disadvantages faced by a boutique winery by increasing the number of sophisticated visitors who are more likely to buy in quantity.

SOLUTION: Craft an elegant and engaging series of ads with a peculiar twist likely to be appreciated by wine connoisseurs. Run the campaign in upscale, local print media.

"...For The Clueless"

See the gallery

CHALLENGE: Unify an entire line of diverse business products under one banner to increase recognition and simplify sales process.

SOLUTION: Design a revised line of materials to compete with series such as the "Dummies" and "Idiots" titles. Apply new brand logo to packaging and point-of-purchase displays.

"The UN-Scary Dentist"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Alerting potential patients that Dr. Caldwell is sensitive to those who have a fear of going to the dentist, making him the desirable choice for anyone who has such concerns.

SOLUTION: Fashion an approach geared to this phobia. Base it on notorious movie creatures, satirizing famous horror films to spread the word patient by patient and through on-line media.

"THE Central Resource for Medical Spas!"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Promote one of their clients (Metro Medica Spa) as a premiere medical practice by pointing out the potential danger of going to inexperienced doctors for laser treatment.

SOLUTION: Concentrate on the pioneering experience of clinic's founder and his innovations in the field. Incorporate this message in radio, print, and testimonial videos.

"We're The Right Prescription For Your Health"

See the banner ads

CHALLENGE: To highlight the advantages of patronizing this local family pharmacy instead of big drug store chains, focusing on their personal service and quality of personnel.

SOLUTION: In a humorous way, call attention to complaints about big drug store chains including rude personnel, long waits, lack of follow-up, plus non-delivery of prescriptions.

"Reality. Amplified."

See the promotion

CHALLENGE: Capture the attention of advertising art directors and magazine editors, who all are bombarded with hundreds of photography postcards and emails each week.

SOLUTION: Create dynamic concept to present imagery and generate acclaim within the trade media. The result: Promotion featured in Photo District News, the foremost magazine in the photography industry.

"America's Leading Non-Celebrity Photographer"

See the promotion

CHALLENGE: Promote editorial talents of photographer to the print media, enticing them to witness his unique perspective on capturing the essence of everyday people.

SOLUTION: Play off America's obsession with celebrities and create a tongue-in-cheek campaign elevating ordinary folks to exalted media status, crafting a magazine cover mocking People.

"What's So Funny?"

See the promos

Create retailer catalog for the line of titles. Capture author's hilarity while presenting publishing, distribution and media contact data in the process.

Incorporate current books titles and other branding visuals into format. Use striking design to highlight selling points while simultaneously alerting trade media.

"The Abuser Friendly Syndrome"

See the banner ad

CHALLENGE: Dr. Debra Mandel wanted an effective platform to help people recognize and end abusive relationships, so that they could stop being a magnet for those hurt and mistreated them.

SOLUTION: Create a savvy approach that would capture the media's attention through packaging Dr. Mandel's expertise within a CD entitled "The Abuser Friendly Syndrome".

"It's Your Party"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Develop promotions for corporate and residential clients to increase awareness of the benefits of staffing events with experienced servers, bartenders and chefs.

SOLUTION: Launch humorous magazine that details worst case scenarios of not using professional staff. Deliver it as an email or postcard to prospects who meet criteria.

"Targeted Imagery"

See the direct email
See the web site

CHALLENGE: To expand client base for photography services based on Mr. Post's reputation and effective presentation of the professional quality of his work in niche markets.

SOLUTION: Procure lists of prospective new clients and initiate a direct e-mail campaign aimed at their specific field. Design web site to work in coordination with e-mails to each new group.

Staging And Beyond

"We Make Your House The Star!

See the web site

CHALLENGE: Promote this home staging business to sellers, investors and realtors, avoiding the clichés presented by the competition including their use of stock photos of rooms.

SOLUTION: Create a striking web presence through retro-styled illustrations. Delineate points graphically and in font selection. Instead of separate web pages, present the site as a continuous scroll-down format.

Staging And Beyond

"Exclusively For V.I.P.'s (Very Important Pets!)

See the Ads

CHALLENGE: Develop a branding approach that conveys this premiere boarding resort is the most exclusive - and most fun – destination for pampered pets.

Feature dogs in a variety of humorous outfits while signaling that wealthy Los Angeles neighborhoods are not the premium locales for high-class canine recreation.

"Multiple Visionary

See the Web Site

CHALLENGE: Design a website that displays the talents of David Samson as an author, speaker, publishing and advertising authority. Promoting his media experience while offering his products for purchase.

Incorporate the extensive illustrations found in his works to give the site a funny feel and texture, create an amusing navigation system, and use his humor as a basis for all marketing areas.

"Get The Same Advice - Without The Price!"

See the Web Site

CHALLENGE: Attracting men and women who want expert answers in a variety of professional areas including Legal, Medical, Veterinary, Auto Repair, Technology and Home Repair, but don't want to pay the usual large fees.

SOLUTION: Develop a highly interactive web interface for consumers, immediately verifying the authenticity of the service and it's cost-effective benefits, while projecting an engaging and amusing framework for them to directly contact the experts.

"The Right Place To Do The Right Thing"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Alerting decision makers to a company that can help them root out fraud and other HR problems through anonymous employee tip (or whistleblower) reporting.

SOLUTION: Produce a bold, hard-hitting and provocative campaign centered on these types of events by means of print ads, brochures, direct and e-mail marketing.

"Because It's Better To Plan While You Still Can"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Taking the very uncomfortable topic of Long Term Care Insurance and demonstrating its importance to 40-Plus consumers.

SOLUTION: Innovate a light-hearted yet highly relevant campaign tuned to middle-aged concerns. Then distribute company message through print media, brochures, direct mail, and sales materials.

"Enjoy The View"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Establishing greater consumer awareness in a market already saturated with optical care services and related businesses.

SOLUTION: Selecting an iconic figure as symbol for the company and primarily using billboards with catchy headlines that change weekly to grab consumer attention and anticipation.

"Now More Than Ever...Relationships Matter"

See the ads
See direct mail

Maintain and expand market share for one of the nation's largest personal introduction services.

SOLUTION: Focus on active lifestyle singles with in-center motivational posters, select magazine advertising, testimonial videos, and nationwide direct mail campaigns.

"The Place Where Business Really Happens!"

See the ads

Promoting virtual and actual offices in Beverly Hills to companies who desire a prestigious business address, meeting capabilities, plus low overhead.

SOLUTION: Fashion a creative strategy targeting the competition (such as mailbox stores), those who can't deliver the same location or services. Secure web address - - for ads.

"Green Vacation. Venice Location."

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Launch awareness of this environmentally conscious resort. Attract guests with a green message that equally highlights the quaint, romantic nature of the cottages.

SOLUTION: Employ images with succinct headlines to point out the amenities and advantages of this destination. Minimize copy to tease visitors into seeking more details on accommodations.

"We Strike A Higher Note"

See the ad

CHALLENGE: Re-introduce name recognition of the world's largest commercial music library to previous and new clients engaged in radio, TV, film and advertising fields.

SOLUTION: Embark on a hip approach targeted towards younger decision makers in these industries. Run the ads in cutting edge publications of special appeal to this group.

"Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery Expert"

See the web site
See the gallery

CHALLENGE #1: Design a web site for this internationally known financial advisor - associated with Tony Robbins. Then announce he will be conducting his own individual seminars and selling his brand of products.

SOLUTION #1: Trade on the association with Tony Robbins but create enough distance and uniqueness to distinguish client in TV and print advertising.

CHALLENGE #2: Increase seminar product sales - without introducing new products or redesigning existing ones.

SOLUTION #2: Sell his products in "selection packages" instead of individually. Combined with a redesigned "hard sell" sell-sheet, this resulted in an increase of over 30 percent in sales revenue.

"We Give You Liberty From Debt!"
See the ads

CHALLENGE: Design a campaign for a law firm targeted towards those who may be reticent about declaring bankruptcy due to the stigma.

SOLUTION: Create a humorous approach skewering creditors and collection agencies, one which will make potential clients feel more justified in taking action.

"Downtown Dogs Dig Us - And So Will You!"

See the promotion

CHALLENGE: Bring awareness of these day care centers to pet owners in the area, informing them of the facilities, services and benefits of bringing their canine companions there.

SOLUTION: Design a campaign for downtown Los Angeles pet owners. Send out direct mail post cards and utilize point-of-purchase displays coded to local businesses participating in the promotion.

JOANNE LARA - The Autism Expert
"Because Autism Costs All Of Us"

See the web site
See the ad

Convey the enormous cost of Autism through stark references that reflect today's fiscal realities and why a cure would be a substantial boon to the national economy.

SOLUTION: Develop a PR campaign and website using powerful visuals to show that curing Autism will produce billions in added revenues. Stress this message through securing

"Do You Have A Book In You?"

See the web site

CHALLENGE: Construct a web site that conveys writing services offered to doctors. Feature book co-authored with Dr. Keith Black, one of the world's most pre-eminent neurosurgeons.

SOLUTION: Devise on-line presentation highlighting Mr. Mann's credentials using slide show. Portray key elements of his experience while making it simple to access important data.

"We Make Your Life Far Less Taxing"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Grab the attention of individuals who owe the IRS and are experiencing anxiety about what can be done to them, their families, homes, businesses, and other assets.

SOLUTION: Capitalize on IRS fears by associating them with other scary situations. Produce hard-hitting campaign stressing consequences of not resolving tax problems.

"Nobody Is In Our Class"

See the banner ads

CHALLENGE: Convey disappointment of students rejected by Ivy League colleges, thereby motivating parents to hire this company and improve their children's chances of acceptance.

SOLUTION: Incorporate portraits of high school students and make powerful points about the need for having this edge. Select other iconic images that spell out the consequences of not doing so.

"Don't Get Sick - Getta Qikie!"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: Execute a business-to-business campaign explaining the benefits of a public cell phone charger that also eliminates disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

SOLUTION: Educate potential buyers of the device with a campaign showing microscopic images of viruses, revealing the health consequences of not getting cell phones sterilized.

"We Leave No Room For Trial and Error"

See the ads

CHALLENGE: From the moment someone is arrested, indicted or even suspicious of law enforcement pursuing them, show the consequences of not selecting the finest attorney.

In grim black and white, create fear and terror by presenting empty jail cells waiting to be filled with new inmates. Marry these graphic images with upscale headlines for added irony.

"For The Very Best Care Of Your Pet"

See the web site

CHALLENGE: Implement a web directory that emotionally engages pet owners and persuades them to contact local veterinarians in a simple, straightforward manner.

SOLUTION: Use vintage pet photos of kids and their dogs to engage viewer's attention and then, in addition to vet listings, offer them pet tips in a unique and memorable format.

"Featuring Star Quality Treatment"

See Funny Dental Cards
See Funny Vet Cards

CHALLENGE: Produce a line of recall postcards for dentists and veterinarians that they can use to remind clients of appointments and procedures.

SOLUTION: Satirize the titles of popular movies to reflect dental or veterinary themes and place them on classic movie marquees on the front of card, allowing for customized info on the back.

NOTE: These lines have been licensed to Smart Practice, the largest company in these fields.

"American Sofas At Imported Prices"

See the Ads

CHALLENGE: Convey to buyers the advantages of not buying imported sofas due to questions of workmanship, comfort and durability.

SOLUTION: Utilize a powerful graphic and "Mad Men" logo approach to sustain impact. Combine with witty headlines and calls to action.